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I See You.

April and May were hard months. It was the end of the school year and I was very disappointed with how things ended BUT needed them to end for the good of us all. 
I had initially thought I would just push through and keep some version of school going through the summer BUT Jeff Marshman talked some good sense into my brain. 
Rae, you need a break - take it and don't feel bad.
I took it
And I don't feel bad :)
So there we were - Jones, Kate, and me.
Like tiny little dolphins diving down deep into the cool chlorinated "sea." Up and down we'd go, popping our little noses through the water's surface and into the warm sunshine. Peter Gabriel was floating through the air while all things wonderful were flowing through my veins. As I dove down, I looked back at my children who were underwater with me. Through my googles I could see Jonas. His smile was enormous, his eyes, bright. They followed me up and down, up and down, into the water - gigging as their mouths r…

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