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Yesterday would have been your 61st birthday. As I walked through Calico Ghost town, memories of you came flooding into my mind. You were like an amusement park ninja - transporting your thirty year old body into the mind and heart of a fourteen year old. Trips with you always felt EPIC!.... Like the time we lost our car in the parking lot at Disney and you got the disney people to drive us around in a golf cart at midnight in search of the car - you acted like it was another attraction! I had no idea this was a bad thing because you were so fun!
Today, as I thought about writing a blog - looking for photos of you etc... I scrolled through hundreds of photos I think..... 
You weren't in any of them. My heart sank as the reality of your absence struck my heart again. So many things you are missing - we are missing. So many conversations I want to have with you. So many questions I want to ask you. 
I want to show you this photo 

I think you would say, "that's my girl…

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