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Mighty Men Of Valor

When I tuck my sons into bed at night, I leave them with one phrase - 
"Good Night, my mighty menof valor!"

They chuckle and think it's silly but I can tell by their bright eyes and huge smiles that they secretly love this part of the day. I love it too.

Jonas asked me a few weeks ago what a mighty man of valor is? I picked up one of my favorite kid books by Sally Lloyd Jones called, "Thoughts To Make Your Heart Sing" and began to read to the boys

It goes like this: 
"Who is this Fearsome Warrior the angel is talking to? See that puny weakling hiding over there in the wine press? He's the man for the job! God Said. 
Gideon, the smallest son of the smallest family of the smallest tribe of Israel. Why on earth would God choose him? And call him "mighty" when he was nothing of the sort?
But God called Gideon by his true name, and Gideon became what God knew he was all along - 
Because God sees not just who you are -- but who he is going…

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